One could not ask for a more intriguing environment than the bobsled track to film a promotional video. I worked together with Own The Podium, and Bobsled Canada to produce this short teaser to promote the 2019 Bobsled World Cup in Calgary and Whistler. I wanted to capture the preparation and focus that goes into the race, as the video is promoting olympic gold medalist Justin Kripps preparing for his next race. Picking your spots when trying to get the right shot is key when capturing a sport where every second is planned out and calculated. Motion graphics titles where created in Adobe Animate and After Effects, and audio was refined and cleaned up using Adobe audition. The use of audio is an important part of this piece. There are so many sounds to hear at the track and I wanted to give the viewer a taste of those sounds to help establish the environment. Ambient sound clips were captured using a Zoom H5 and integrated throughout the video to achieve this.

• Adobe Premiere Pro
• Adobe Animate
• Adobe After Effects
• Adobe Audition

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